Introduction #

Purpose of Document #

The purpose of this document is to specify how to use Paysky Plugin with wordpress

Prerequisites #

In order to start integration with paysky plugin with wordpress  you need to install woocommerce plugin to your wordpress website also you need to obtain the following Data:

  1. UPG Merchant ID: your unique identifier on UPG
  2. UPG Terminal ID: ID of the acceptance interface with different acceptance channels enabled/disabled (Card and Digital QR)
  3. Secure hash

Paysky – Lightbox #

What is Lightbox #

Lightbox is a simple HTML & JavaScript plugin to integrate within merchant’s website to seamlessly enable payments with minimal technical development, ideal for small and medium-size merchants, who does not want to get within the scope of PCI compliance.


Installation Steps #

Install Woocommerce #

You need to install woocommerce and activate it

Upload the paysky Plugin #
Form plugins menu choose Add new #
At the top of the page click on Upload plugin #
Click on choose File and browse on the file
Do not forget we need to upload paysky plugin as compressed file not as a folder
After upload the plugin click on Install now #
It will redirect you to plugin page again, search on PaySky – PayForm Gateway and click on Active #
Now go to WooCommerce menu and choose settings
choose payment tab and search for pay ( PaySky PayForm ) and togell the button of Enabled #
Click on setup button of pay ( PaySky PayForm ) to enter your credentials #
And now we are Done your wordpress website has been ready to use Paysky Plugin #

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