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Paysky SmartBox V7

Introducing the Paysky SmartBox V7 POS: a cutting-edge Android device equipped with comprehensive payment acceptance capabilities, including magnetic strip, chip card, NFC reader, and PIN pad. Certified with EMV L1, EMV L2, and PCI PED 5.x, this device ensures secure and efficient transactions for your business.

Price 9,900 EGP

Android OS

Business applications

QR scanner

Fingerprint scanner

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    The Difference Between the Electronic Invoice System
    and the Electronic Receipt System

    Electronic Invoice:

    • The parties involved are a supplier and another supplier.
    • It must include an electronic signature or electronic seal.

    Electronic Receipt System:

    • The parties involved are a supplier and an end consumer.
    • It does not require an electronic signature, but an electronic seal certificate is needed as it helps in the self-registration process on the system.
    • A registered and approved POS device from etax and the tax authority is required. You can obtain a Paysky Smartbox V7 device by ordering through this website.