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Benefits Cloud

Third generation Social subsidy management system, supporting in-kind subsidy distribution, Cash subsidy distribution & Conditional Cash transfers, used by governments to manage & rationalize social welfare programs by enhancing targeting, eliminating fraud & abuse, Offering ability to:

    • Create multiple subsidy programs running on the same engine
    • Manage subsidy and eligibility policies

    • Manage beneficiaries creation, program assignments, Transactions review
    • Manage programs, policies, business rules & exception handling
    • Generate wealth of reports, statistics on usage, patterns & trends
    • Multi-channel service offering

    • Multi-user ID access (Private card, bank card, National ID Card)

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Revenue management Cloud

Complete revenue collection management solution, used by governments to collect government services payments, VAT Taxes (Fiscal edition), including:

    • Frontend application POS / Web / Smart devices (logging transactions & issuing digital receipts)
    • Middleware solution for direct integration with government’s accounting and/or Core Tax systems
    • Backend management and reporting system: allowing stand-alone operations, system management (users, devices, policies), and reports & statistics generation.

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